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Dust Collectionvideo

Woodworking Dust Collection

Woodworking Dust Collection Introduction I believe we learn from each other through our experiences and this post is just that. I want to talk to you...
Router Fence with Dust Collectionvideo

Router Fence with Dust Collection

ROUTER FENCE WITH DUST COLLECTION Introduction I’ve had my current router fence for some time now and it looks pretty bad and I also made it...

Projects with Plans

Knock Down Stool - Mainvideo

Knock Down Stool

Knock Down Stool GET THE PLANS HERE The Design I’ve had the design for this stool idea for a while now, I’m just now getting around to...
Pocket Hole Blanket Chestvideo

Pocket Hole Blanket Chest

Pocket Hole Blanket Chest - One Day Build Introduction In this one day project build I'll show you how to build a pocket hole blanket...


Power Carving a 2x4 Rocking Chairvideo

Power Carving a 2X4 Rocking Chair

Power Carved 2X4 Rocking Chair Introduction Inspiration surrounds us all. No matter what we’re doing, we are all influenced in some way or another. For this...
Live edge slab bench thumbnailvideo

Live Edge Slab Bench

Live Edge Slab Bench Introduction At a past woodworking event in Skiatook, OK I picked up a slab of Osage Orange from Ted Alexander. It had...

Outdoor Projects

Utility Trailer Deck Replacementvideo

Utility Trailer Floor Replacement

Utility Trailer Floor Replacement Introduction We all have those projects that we want to do or need to do, but never make the time to do...
DIY Fire Pitvideo

DIY Fire Pit

DIY Fire Pit Introduction Having a fire pit in our backyard will be fun for my family of five, three of which are young boys. We...

I Get Email Video Series

I Get Emailvideo

I Get Email #09 – Woodworking Lathe Size

I Get Email #09 "Lathe Size" Watch the video above for this week's, I Get Email. Michael asks... "What was the deciding factor in going with the 10"...
I Get Emailvideo

I Get Email #08 – Workshop Heating, Condensation, and Rust

I Get Email #08 "Workshop Heating, Condensation, and Rust" Watch the video above for this week's, I Get Email. Dan asks... "In a future installment, I'd like to...


DIY Pipe Shelfvideo

DIY Wood & Iron Pipe Shelf

DIY Wood & Iron Pipe Shelf Introduction Making a shelf can be one of the most simplest DIY projects one can make, but when you add...
Garage Organization and Bike Rack Thumbnailvideo

Garage Organization and Bike Rack

Garage Organization and Bike Rack Introduction By now you’re probably aware that I’m a little bit OCD when it comes to organization and tidiness. I used...

A Woodworking Journey


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