This week in the shop I made a display for a special newspaper article. I take an old piece of ambrosia maple, cut it to size, joint it, plane it, resaw it and plane it some more to create a 19 inch wide backer board to display the article. I also cut a piece of plexiglass on the table saw and attach it with four screws to the board and that is what holds the newspaper to the board.
I started by cutting the 8/4 piece of maple down to size on the miter saw and then got to work flattening and squaring all the sides. Ultimately, my goal in this project was to resaw the piece of maple, but it was too much for the bandsaw to handle all at once. I went to the table saw and made two passes. I raised the blade to it’s full capacity and made one pass with the board on edge, flipped the board end over end and made another pass. Now, the bandsaw can finish the resaw process with ease. At this point I still needed to clean up the faces from the bandsaw cut. After planing and jointing, I could glue up the panels. I only applied glue to the joint and opted not to use any other type of joinery method here. This was only a backer board for a newspaper to hang on the wall, so I wasn’t too concerned with the strength of the joint. Next, I applied a butcher block oil finish, but quickly realized I didn’t chamfer the edges at the router, so I after applying the finish I ran it through the router on both sides to chamfer both edges then went back to apply oil to the edges. Next, I cut a piece of plexiglass on the table saw and drilled four holes very carefully in the corners. This is what will hold the newspaper in place. The last thing I did besides hang it, was route a keyhole on the back to hang it from. That’s it. That’s what I did this week. Watch the video.
Well, that covered the project, but I want to tell you a little bit about my story of how I got to this point. I won’t cover everything here as the video explains more about who we are and what we do, but my journey in woodworking really started when I was a little boy when handed a hammer and a bag of nails. I always loved to build stuff, but it wasn’t until my first born son when I realized the importance of being intentional with the time I spent with him. That’s when the idea of Stone and Sons Workshop was born. Now with three boys, I want to lead by example and never stop working with my hands and using my creativity. I want to provide a place for my boys to discover the skills and talents that they don’t yet realize they have. A place to foster opportunity and entrepreneurship at a young age. Something I know all too well. Recently, I took an exit package at my day job of nineteen years and decided to be a woodworker. It’s really more than that, but I’ll let you read for yourself. Remember that project I explained above? Well, it’s from a newspaper article feature that the local paper here did on Stone and Sons Workshop. It really made me think about what our purpose is and why I do what I do. You can find the newspaper article here.​Thank you for being here and for being interested in what we do. It really means a lot.



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  1. Wish Id had the wherewithall to quit my job to do wood working but that was to scary. To quit and still provide for my family was way to far away for that. Im semi retired now and doing wood work on the side. Thanks for you site.

  2. Shawn, you are an inspiration. I am not an avid woodworker, but am getting better everyday and continue to take classes to get better. As I prepare to retire from military service in the next couple of years I have been contemplating pursuing my passion for woodworking and working for myself in order to spend more time with my family. It’s scary but well worth the time and bonding with my kids. Keep up the good work. Charles

    • Hey Charles! Thanks so much for the encouraging words and I wish you well in your last years in the military, by the way, thank you for your service. If I can help in any way please let me know. Thanks again!

  3. Nice video, and story. I love your integrity and character! Side question: where did you get the create every day shirt? That’s cool.

  4. Hey Shawn, my mane is Viorel and i’m from Romania. Nice video and story. I just read your story and i can tell you that two months ago i just quit my job and i have started to make my own woodshop.
    I’s sure that your sons will appreciate this over the years. By the way, i have a daugther that loves to work with me in the wood shop. She is 10 years old.
    Keep up the good work.

    • That’s awesome! Congrats on doing something you love. Thanks for watching the video and reading the blog. Good luck to you in your endeavors.


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